Vampire Lore 1: Novice


  • You are aware of and can name general Vampire trends.
  • You know that New York City is divided up into two broad camps of leeches.
    • The Camarilla, which basically try to maintain their humanity and keep up their own version of The Veil. These are not the dominant camp.
    • The Sabbat, which are like the Black Spiral Dancers of Vampire kind. These guys are the dominant camp.
  • You know the leeches call themselves Kindred.
  • You know which Vampire myths are bogus (garlic, mirrors, can’t enter houses, holy symbols minus True Faith, have to sleep in coffins, etc.) and which are real in regards to damaging Vampires (fire, sunlight, Garou fangs/claws, decapitation, holy symbols/water with True Faith).
  • Feeding
    • You know that Vampires don’t have to kill to feed though the Sabbat usually does
    • You know they can conceal their feeding through Gifts of their own
    • You also know that some humans have been mind-screwed to actually let leeches feed from them willingly

Vampire Lore 2: Practiced


  • You know there are many clans and factions within vampire society as well as broad powers/zones of control.
  • You know all the Clan Names and the ‘gist’ of which Clan has what quirks.
  • You’re aware of the Disciplines (at least the Core rulebook ones) and know generally about Generations and power levels. You know that a Vampire’s powers are fueled by blood.
  • You broadly understand the Blood Bond as it pertains to Ghouls and the addictive nature of Vampire blood.
  • The Camarilla hold Manhattan and specifically Wall Street
  • The Sabbat pretty much hold everything else in the Five Boroughs plus Yonkers (specifically Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island).
  • The Giovanni (independents) have a lock on shipping and ties to the mortal Gambino crime family.
  • Brooklyn is allowed to be a “free feeding zone”
  • To the bewildering annoyance of all other Tribes, the Bone Gnawers, Glass Walkers, and apparently Shadow Lords are OK with a state of “mutually assured destruction” with the Sabbat in regards to Central Park.

Vampire Lore 3: Competent


  • You know the major movers and shakers of Kindred society and specific power centers.
  • Big Fish
    • The Sabbat bigwig is Polonia, an old Spanish Conquistador from almost 400 years ago, now Lasombra. Apparently he used to fight Uktena and Wendigo out in New Mexico long ago.
    • The Prince (Princess?) of the City is a Ventrue named Michaela that basically owns Wall Street; surrounded and under Sabbat siege she’s received carte blanche to create more vampires from the region’s “Justicar.” Some guesstimate that there are over 100 Camarilla vampires jammed into Manhattan.
    • The Sewers belong to the Nosferatu and only an idiot goes down there with anything less than a pack of Athro. Uncle Smelly is their leader, and they dominate the “nuts and bolts” of the city operations as well as sanitation.
  • Big-ish Fish
    • Oleg is another Sabbat bigwig of the Tzimice clan, and runs Little Odessa (aka Brighton Beach)
    • Bronx is Sabbat turf, but the routes into Yankee Stadium quickly erupt into violence as Camarilla and Sabbat contest control
    • Barnard College is Tremere territory and their powerful magic ensures their continued control. Aisling Sturbridge wears the fancy robes for that clan.
    • New York University seems to be a favored haunt of the Toreador clan.
    • Harlem, specifically Morningstar Park, is Setite turf and pieces of Brooklyn (wherever Jamaicans can be found)
    • The Giovanni (and the Gambino crime family) run Little Italy, they control the teamsters union, shipping, the airports
    • Clanless vagabonds infest the ruins of Coney Island

Vampire Lore 4: Expert

  • If it’s in the Vampire Corebook, Player’s Guide, World of Darkness 2nd Edition, or the New York by Night book and it’s something a vampire character would know, your character probably also knows it.

Vampire Lore 5: Master

  • If it’s in a Vampire the Masquerade Sourcebook and about any topic that’s not specifically Clan/Subsect specific then it’s fair game to your character.
  • Possessed by: Shadow Lords, Glasswalkers, Bone Gnawers
  • Specialties: Camarilla, Sabbat, Caine Myth, Local Kindred


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