The Five Protectorates

The North Country

WilmingtonFlume.png This Protectorate is the region surrounding The Sept of the Sentinel. The primary wild geographic land area of the protectorate is Adirondack State Park which the protectorate fully surrounds. The protectorate extends into Canada (Montreal and Ottowa are considered part of the border), western Vermont (Lake Champlain and Burlington), south to Utica New York, and west to the shores of Lake Ontario.

The land is as stunningly beautiful as Gaia can make it: vast wilderness, high mountains, old forests, and sparkling waters. Several tribes consider this their “stomping ground.”

  • Silver Fangs – Consider themselves lords and kings of the entire Region, maintain a caern within the Protectorate. The House Wyrmfoe Silver Fang keep pretty tight reign on their kinfolk and most of them are in Addison and West Addison in Vermont (on the other side of the lake/state line). The Silver Fangs do not advertise the location of their Caern Estate. To go there requires an invitation and a guide… and only the most trusted and discreet of Garou will ever be invited if they are not of the blood of Falcon.
  • Get of Fenris – Considered by all except the Silver Fangs to be the real power in The North Country Protectorate, they control the Sept of the Sentinel which is the major Caern of the area. The communities of Keene and St. Huberts are full of kinfolk but if you wish to meet with the Get of Fenris… you must undertake the 8 mile, 4000 foot, 14 hour hike to the Caern on top of Gray Peak (obviously the Lupus form makes this a bit easier).
  • NaturalStoneBridgeCaves.png Shadow Lords – The Shadow Lords maintain a rural “lair” in the abandoned “Natural Stone Bridge and Caves” cavern system. They fabricated a series of dangerous caveins and had the place declared closed by the state in addition to buying the land. The nearby community of Pottersville, New York has a very high concentration of Shadow Lord kinfolk. Visitors who are tribemates with the correct password phrases can always find a guide or contact at the Cafe Adirondack in Pottersville and be led to a meeting. Non-Shadowlords arrange meetings with the tribe at the Sept of the Green.
  • Uktena – The descendants of the Iroquois Nation are still here and still work against the “whites” that took their lands… and caerns. There are actually a few Iroquois Reservations in the Protectorate (St. Regis (Mohawk) and Oneida (Oneida)) and as one can imagine, they are rather filled with kinfolk.
  • Wendigo and Red Talon – Generally they come down from Canada and cause no end of trouble and grief. In the unlikely event these tribes were to have kin in the region, it would most likely be in the North Country Protectorate they’d be found.

The Catskill Mountains

KaaterskillFalls.png This region stretches almost to Syracuse from the Hudson river valley. It includes large chunks of western Massachusetts, Connecticut, a portion of southwest Vermont, several counties of eastern Pennsylvania and northeastern New Jersey. It fully surrounds the Catskill Mountains and Catskill Park. The spirit world and Penumbra of the Catskills is heavily influenced by the presence of the Faerie “Caern” of Tara-Nar (near Downsville, NY in the Cherry Ridge Wild Forest).

  • Fianna – Several communities have Fianna kin within them. If there’s one community in the Catskills more central than any other it’s the eastern part of the city of Ulster near the Hudson (but nothing like the concentrations in New York City and Buffalo).
  • Stargazers – In the Catskills, the Stargazers maintain a “meditation center” for tribemates and kinfolk near Meredith New York. However there are so few that it would hardly count as a community.


NiagraFalls.png The Niagara protectorate is pretty much the entire western part of New York up to the Finger Lakes. As its name suggests, it includes the Niagara Falls and its Caern.

  • Uktena – The primary reservation and tribe are the Tuscarora who contain the bulk of the Uktena kinfolk of the protectorate.
  • Fianna – The main area/city outside of New York that contains Fianna is Buffalo. It is from here that the “passive” half of the “dual tribe” control of the Sept of the White Water is maintained.

Finger Lakes

SenecaLake.png The region around the Finger Lakes is well known as a place of mystery, visions, and holy sites. From Hiawatha, to Joseph Smith, to Frederick Douglas and Seneca Falls, to modern day New Age mystics, even mortals can feel the holy energy of the area driving them to do great things.

  • Black Furies – As a place of Wyld energy, visions, and the birthplace of the Women’s Suffrage Movement in the United States it should be no surprise that the Black Furies have a major presence in this protectorate. Though the town is dwindling in industry, tourism, and population – mainly for symbolic reasons the Black Furies maintain their kinfolk family ties to Seneca Falls. However many Fury kin are spread throughout the protectorate as dictated by need.
  • Children of Gaia – For almost all the same reasons the Black Furies are here, one can find the Children of Gaia. Outside of Seneca Falls, the Children seem to have greater numbers in Trumansburg than anywhere else due (most likely) to the annual “Hippie” Music Festival.

New York City

NewYorkCity.png Pages could be filled with New York City, but for purposes of a protectorate, this includes The Five Boroughs of New York, all of Long Island, and Staten Island plus assorted smaller islands.

  • Bone Gnawers & Glass Walkers – Any surprise here?

The Five Protectorates

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