The Five Boroughs

Most every American knows the names of the Five Boroughs that collectively form what we know of as New York City; Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island.


Manhattan.png Manhattan is the most densely populated Borough formed from the original and is today the current county of New York. When people generically think of “New York City” – they mean Manhattan.

The borough is formed from several interconnected islands: Manhattan, Governors, Liberty, Mill Rock, Randall’s, Roosevelt, U Thant, Wards and a chunk of Ellis Island. Famous landmarks in Manhattan include: Wall Street, Columbia University, the New York Stock Exchange, Fifth Avenue, the Empire State Building, Broadway, Greenwich Village, Harlem, the United Nations building, and Central Park.

All tribes except Red Talon. Wendigo is extremely unlikely. Silver Fang and Glasswalkers are well suited here.


Brooklyn.png South of Manhattan and forming Kings County is the most populated borough; Brooklyn. If it’s famous for anything it’s famous for the bridge that connects Brooklyn to Manhattan spanning the East River, Coney Island, and all of its ethnic neighborhoods (Irish, Italian, Polish, Black, Hispanic (mainly Puerto Rican), Jewish, Chinese, and so on). Many of the most famous New Yorkers were born here.

All tribes except Red Talon. Brooklin is the melting pot. Wendigo is still extremely unlikely. “Slavic” Shadow Lords are most likely from here (Little Odessa) or any other “Slavic” character of any other tribe.


Queens.png Queens (borough and county) is on Long Island and forms the eastern part of New York City. It is nearly as heavily populated as Brooklyn but also features neighborhoods heavily divided along ethnic lines (Italian, Irish, Colombian, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Greek, and so on). Nearly 50% of “asians” born or who live in New York City live in Queens.

This borough was one of the major cradles of Jazz music and the heart of modern east coast hip-hop music, it’s also where most of New York’s movie studios and film industry are found. Because it has “more land” than Manhattan or Brooklyn, it has more greenery and is slightly less heavily urbanized. It has the surface area to feature things like stadiums (It’s home to the New York Mets and Shea Stadium), the US Open is played here, Queens College, and both JFK International Airport and La Guardia Airport are found here.

All tribes except Red Talon. Wendigo is extremely unlikely. If Stargazers, Silent Striders, and Black Furies are likely to come from anywhere, it’s here.

The Bronx

Bronx.png The borough and county of Bronx is the northernmost of New York. The Bronx of the World of Darkness is a center of urban decay, unemployment, crime, gangs, and all that is wrong with modern urban life. The real world Bronx fought and won its battle with decay, not so in the WoD. 40% of the buildings in the South Bronx are either abandoned and/or burned down (arson wracked the borough throughout the 70s). For example, the 41st Precinct Building of the NYPD in the Bronx is known as “Fort Apache” due to the high crime and mortality rate. It is also the only building left standing on a block that once had 94,000 people (some call it “Little House on the Prairie” due to its solitary status). Photos of the South Bronx look frighteningly similar to images of WW2 European cities. The government of New York in the WoD is trying to “save” the Bronx, but it’s going far, far slower than it did in the real world. All they’ve been able to stop are the rampant arson fires. It’s no longer getting worse, but it doesn’t appear to be getting better.

The Bronx is home to the Bronx Zoo, Yankee Stadium, “street” hip-hop and rap music, and the gesture known as the Bronx Cheer (what everyone else calls “blowing a raspberry”).

If Queens is home to the asians of New York, The Bronx is black (two-thirds of the population, split roughly 50-50 black americans and non-hispanic immigrant blacks from africa and the carribean). The last third is mainly “poor white trash,” hispanics (mainly Puerto Ricans), some asians (mainly Indian), people of mixed ethnicities, and a few Native Americans thrown in the mix. The median income is well below the national poverty line.

All tribes except Red Talon. If New York has a place where Uktena and Wendigo are likely to hail, this is it. Bone Gnawers are also very likely to hail from here.

Staten Island

StatenIsland.png If New York City has the closest equivalent to what the rest of America calls “The Suburbs” … Staten Island is it. Staten Island connects to Brooklyn via the Staten Island Ferry, light rail, as well as lots of bridges (like everywhere else in New York).

Staten Island is 75% white (67% white european and the rest hispanic white). The median income is in the upper middle class bracket (which means lower middle class when adjusted for New York cost of living). One in 3 of those white folks is an Italian American. One in 7 is Irish American. The non-white population (the other 25%) is divided up among Black and Asian residents.

All tribes except Red Talon. Wendigo and Bone Gnawer are both extremely unlikely. “Middle class” background characters of any tribe, but especially Silver Fang, Shadow Lords, Glasswalkers, Get of Fenris, and Fianna are all likely to come from here.

The Five Boroughs

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