Sept of the Green Living Areas

The Sept of the Green is unique in that it has no single Living Area, nor even a general theme. There are many. Generally speaking, the Bone Gnawers sleep and make their “dens” all over the Park (bums can do that). The other tribes maintain communal apartments and residents in the buildings around central park (mostly on Central Park North/Harle, and Central Park West) for their poorer members; wealthy Garou of course have their own.

Black Furies

  • GreatHill.png The Great Hill – Located Near Central Park West and were W 105th intersects, this area was originally built as a carriage path through the park with scenic views. However, as the trees of the park grew it became more and more secluded. It has experienced eras of usage and decay. Currently the bocce, tennis, and volleyball courts as well as horseshoe pits are all dilapidated ruins. From time to time people come here to sit and enjoy the sun or hold impromptu folk concerts. However, it doesn’t take long to notice that usually these performers and their listeners are usually women and can be rather frightening at times. When the Black Furies need to have “tribal business” this is where it’s done. Just on the northern side of the circular road that rings the hill is a “City of New York” utility building that looks like it should be condemed from the outside.
  • Tribal Housing – The Tribe maintains two spartan apartments in a building on the southwest intersection of Central Park West and W 105th Street. It’s maybe 150 yards away from The Great Hill’s utility building.

Bone Gnawers

TrashCan.png As mentioned earlier, the Bone Gnawers call all of central park’s bawn “home” and sleep wherever they wish. However, if the tribe has a single area where they nearly always congregate it’s around a trash can in the heavy trees near the softball field southwest corner of the Great Lawn (the one nearest the Delacorte Theater).

The trashcan is one of the Tribe’s most prized possessions (and has served many other Garou of all tribes well)… The Moldy Grail. Though the Bone Gnawers don’t “officially” require Chiminage to travel around the Caern/Bawn, a gift of empty fast food cups or boxes is never a bad thing to bring. A spirit of plenty dwells in The Moldy Grail, and attuned Bone Gnawers can activate it. Whatever empty containers are placed inside are refilled with whatever they contained prior to being thrown away (so long as the retail value is less than $10). After this is done once, the container is “spent” and cannot be used again. For obvious reasons, the tribe (and some of other tribes) can be found here at mealtimes.

ps – The Moldy Grail quite often doesn’t work on O’Tolley’s fast food containers. For this reason, New York Bone Gnawers don’t touch the stuff. Many other Garou who learn this consider it all the evidence needed to never eat at that establishment. There’s still some debate as to if it’s because of excessive Weaver or Wyrm taint.

Children of Gaia

  • StrawberryFields.png Strawberry Fields – Probably of no surprise to anyone, the wildflower and wild rose filled walks and hills around the John Lennon “Imagine” mosaic memorial is the main haunt of the Children of Gaia. Due to the mood of peace and harmony that pervades the area, the Gauntlet is only a 3 here (even though it’s not a Caern center). The Children meet off the beaten paths in the gardens to discuss matters and nap, sleep, or tryst.
  • Tribal Housing – The Dakota, a co-op apartment at the intersection of 72nd and Central Park West is where John Lennon was murdered. It’s less than 200 feet away from the Strawberry Fields. It also contains communal living quarters of the Tribe spanning about several connected rooms on the 7th floor. Both Child of Gaia kinfolk as well as Garou call this home when the need arises.


  • BelvedereCastle.png Belvedere Castle – Overlooking the Turtle Pond Caern Heart (and not that far away from the Assembly Area and Bone Gnawer Moldy Grail) is one of the original buildings of Central Park. For the Tourists of New York, the Castle allows them to walk around and even climb the battlements, but the building itself is “Closed.” However, in the Penumbra, this is a castle indeed. The spirits that dwell here are bewildering and have heavy dealings with the Fae. If versed in medieval custom, etiquette, and/or Fae etiquette, a Garou could sleep safely in the Penumbral version of Belvedere… that is unless Shakespeare in the Park is on. That much artistic “splash effect” can test the limits of even the most Faestruck Fianna’s resolve.
  • Tribal Housing – This is New York and these are the Fiannna (1 in 10 Americans identify as being Irish or “Part-Irish” and there are still about 5000+ fluent Gaelic speakers in the city). Chances are, if the Garou doesn’t need to be in Central Park for some reason they can just go crash with kinfolk or a packmate’s kinfolk somewhere nearby (be it a residence or one of the hundreds of Irish themed pubs in the city).

Get of Fenris

  • SwedishCottage.png Swedish Cottage – This quaint wooden two story building has been converted to a German restaurant (Das Edelweiss) and biergarten on the bottom floor owned and operated by a husband/wife who are Get of Fenris kinfolks. It’s the only places to get any really good beer in the entire park.
  • Tribal Housing – For the most part, the tribe expects the Get to take care of themselves or stay with kin. However, again, the Swedish Cottage can be pressed to serve. The upper floor is storage and can become impromptu sleeping quarters (The previous tenants, the Marionette Company, moved on rather than try to press the issue with a gang of anger filled Germanic headbangers).


  • CentralParkWest.png Tribal Housing – Glasswalkers don’t maintain any areas within the park itself (the park is much to Wyld). However, Simon Gentle’s penthouse apartment at the intersection of 79th and 5th Avenue is used to conduct all tribal business. It’s about 700 yards away from the Turtle Pond. In fact, most Glasswalkers that can afford it maintain personal residences on 5th Avenue or Central Park West.

Red Talons

There’s only one Red Talon in Central Park… Spotlight, the Caern Warder. He sleeps wherever he likes and patrols wherever he likes. To abide by the demands of the Veil, he sleeps in the Wolf Enclosure at Central Park Zoo whenever he feels it’s necessary (but since it’s nearly a mile away from Turtle Pond that’s not often). The Wolf Enclosure of Central Park Zoo was expanded in the 80s to house one of the largest “artificial Urban wolf habitats” in the world. There are nearly a dozen or more wolves and most of them are lupine kinfolk of various tribes. In addition to Spotlight sleeping there from time-to-time, there is always at least one guardian of the Caern and kinfolk zoo employees near the wolf enclosure at all times.

Shadow Lords

  • TheRamble.png Tribal Housing – Very much like the Glasswalkers, the Shadow Lords do not maintain residences within Central Park but rather in the apartments, hostels, and co-ops on its fringe (mainly Central Park West). Tribe members are expected to either acquire the funds to maintain their own residence, make alliances as necessary, or take what is needed (so long as the Veil is maintained).
  • The Ramble – When the Shadowlords need to meet for “business” in a wild setting (as rites or spirit pacts may require) they meet in the faux wilderness area known as the Ramble (between Belvedere Castle and Bethesda Fountain/The Lake). During daylight hours it’s quite pleasant and a popular spot for birdwatchers. At night, it’s a dangerous place and the Shadow Lords help ensure the reputation of The Ramble at night.

Silent Striders

  • CleopatrasNeedle.png The Obelisk – Just behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a 70 foot tall Egyptian obelisk of heavily acid-rain weathered red granite. The Silent Strider tribe keeps their silence about what they do here or what it entails. They have requested, and been given, exclusive permission to perform secret rites near the obelisk in the middle of the night. Every fourth month (4, 8, 12) a Silent Strider comes and stands around the obelisk all day. Why? Nobody that isn’t a Silent Strider knows.
  • Tribal Housing – The tribe maintains no communal facilities and tribe members are expected to take care of themselves. There’s an inexpensive co-ed hostel on W 103rd and Central Park West that is often used; however, many Striders just sleep as the Bone Gnawers do for an evening or so.

Silver Fangs

As a Tribe, the Silver Fangs do not maintain a residence in Central Park. However, from time-to-time King Jacob Morningkill banishes one or two and they eventually find a place with another Sept (assuming they don’t get killed or die first). They fend for themselves as to lodgings.


  • Treehouse.png Zan Shu – The Stargazers of New York are a wandering group. Very few call this part of the country home, those that do tend to prefer to do things their own way. When they seek a place to sleep, they tend to take to the trees in hammocks (if homid) or in the event of bad weather or being another breed, they sleep within or on top of the various hidden “treehouses” of Central Park. The largest lies in the heavy foliage just off the 79th Street Transverse south of Belvedere Castle. If the Stargazers have a “meeting place” in the city, this is it.


  • Harlem Meer – When the Uktena are in the city and need privacy, they meet on an island on the western portion of Harlem Meer (just northeast of the Lasker pool/skating complex). The island is surrounded by underwater fences to discourage boating and covered by trees.
  • Tribal Housing – The tribe maintains no communal facilities and tribe members are expected to take care of themselves.


  • SheepMeadow.png Tribal Housing – The tribe maintains no communal facilities and tribe members are expected to take care of themselves.
  • The Sheep Meadow – There are not many Wendigo in New York. Actually, more correct would be, usually the only Wendigo in New York City are there to cause trouble, not to meet with the Sept. However, when the do come for whatever reason, they tend to prefer to congregate at the Sheep Meadow. At certain times of the day the visions and dreams that come to those who meditate in this quiet place are extremely powerful. Even the mortals can “feel it” and the area is officially designated a “quiet zone” (no radios, etc. etc.). It is amongst the most serene locations in the Big Apple… which is probably why sometimes hundreds of sunbathers invade the place on sunny days.

Sept of the Green Living Areas

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