Sept of the Green

  • Caern: Central Park, Manhattan, New York
  • Level: 3
  • Gauntlet: 3


AngelOfTheWaters.png Mera: Originally summoned by the Silver Fangs in 1855, she has dominion over all water that flows in New York City (both polluted and clean). Those who call The Sept of the Green home, know that there are many Moon Bridges in New York that connect to the Sept of the Green via water, ponds, fountains, swimming pools, and so forth. When Mera chooses to appear in a humanoid form, she takes the appearance of the Angel of the Waters (the statue on top of Bethesda Fountain).

Great White Mouse: The Silver Fangs were never able to adjust to the growing Weaver power as New York grew larger. During the Great Depression, they “fled” to the North Country Protectorate and the Bone Gnawers picked up the pieces. Answering a call from a great Bone Gnawer Theurge of the era, Great White Mouse came to them and helped the tribe survive (at the time living on The Great Lawn in a Hooverville). The relationship between Great White Mouse and the New York Bone Gnawers is unique (the Followers of Rat once devoured the followers of Mouse) but strong.

Great White Mouse’s powers grow in relation to the number of Garou that call the Sept of the Green home; this is one of several reasons the Bone Gnawers allow all tribes on to the Bawn.



CentralPark.png The borders of Central Park itself form the Bawn.

Graves of the Hallowed Heroes

The Sept of the Green does not maintain a cemetery. Garou that wish to be “buried” here may have their ashes scattered by packmates if granted permission by the Bone Gnawers. The Tribes remember their fallen members in their own ways, but especially through song and stories.

Living Areas

Detailed here → Sept of the Green Living Areas


In addition to Shrines found in the various tribal living areas, the packs of New York have shrines hidden away all over Central Park amongst the wooded walkways and trails. Generally speaking, the Bone Gnawers don’t care so long as the Spirit won’t draw down undue attention on the Sept by its worship (meaning most of Wendigo and Griffin’s broods are usually “right out”).

Assembly Area

DelacorteTheater.png When the Sept needs to gather it meets at the Delacorte Theater. This assumes the summer Shakespeare in the Park productions aren’t running. If they are, the Sept goes into the Umbra to avoid the crowd. The rest of the year, generally speaking, the City of New York leaves the Theather alone until it’s time to clean it up for the summer productions. Mortals who know Central Park also know to avoid Delacorte Theater on nights of the Full Moon… there are stories. This suits the Garou of the Sept just fine. When the Moots come to a close, the assembled Garou go over to the Turtle Pond which is not too far away and give Gnosis.

The exception is if rain is falling from the sky on the night of the Moot, the Garou relocate to the Bethesda Fountain/Mall area and conduct the Moot in the Umbra. There are two reasons for this. The first is because the Delacorte Theater is near Belvedere Castle and if there’s a rainstorm, it’s even worse in the Umbra near the castle. Second, the Bone Gnawers figure that if Mera wants company the rain is how she let’s them know. As far as anyone can tell, Great White Mouse is ok with these occasional moots at the other Caern Heart (all the Gnosis gifts go caern regardless of which center is used).

Caern’s Hearts

BethesdaFountain.png The Central Park Caern actually has two hearts (very rare and unheard of in a Caern of its moderate size).

The original and oldest Caern Heart is Bethesda Fountain. Even though in the physical world, much of the area has been covered by concrete (The Mall), the Wyld is strong here in the Umbra. It, and The Lake behind it are the waters that form Mera’s primary domain. There’s a tree covered peninsula in The Lake just behind the Fountain, from the tip (in the Umbra) the Gatekeeper can open the Sept’s Moon Bridges. Garou that meditate near the Fountain gain insight and inspiration into the hearts and souls of others. Opening the Caern here grants dice to Empathy.

The newer Caern Heart is under the waters of Turtle Pond. It is there, in the Umbra, that Great White Mouse sleeps beneath the surface, dreaming. Uncounted numbers of Mouse spirits make the “floor” of Turtle pond seeth and writhe as they move around alongside their “Father.” Garou that sleep near Turtle Pond tend to have powerful dreams, inspirations, and visions. Opening the Caern here grants dice to Performance and Expression.

Sept of the Green

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