Werewolf: Auld Lang Syne

Nolan's Prelude 4
Sept 20, Continued, and Sept 21, 2008

In the dorm room, the two girls eyed the now sleeping Ciaran skeptically. She laid there sleeping fitfully, fingers twitching and body shuddering every few minutes.

“Wonder what made her flip out,” muttered Doran thoughtfully.

Nolan looked at Ciaran with a worried frown forming between her dark brows. “Guess we should check her stuff.” She paused. “I don’t think she does drugs, but it sure seemed like she was on something.”

Carefully, Nolan removed Ciaran’s fanny pouch and handed it over to Doran. “You look through that. I’m gonna go through her pockets.”

Doran nodded. “Alright.”

Nolan's Prelude 3
Sept 20, 2008, Continued

It was dark when Nolan came out of the library, but she was happy that she found some information. She put her headphones on and flipped her skate board to the ground and hopped on it. With one quick kick, she was on her way back to the Dancing Moon. When she got there, the “Closed” sign was posted, so she slipped around to the back door and tapped on it. Rhiannon opened it, her face animated with excitement.

“Did you find anything?” she asked.

“Yeah, just a little bit,” replied Nolan as she stepped in the door. “Is everyone else here?”

Rhiannon nodded and headed into the store area, where the girls were all seated at the round table. Ciaran nodded briskly at Nolan, who grinned back. “What is your report, Nolan?” Ciaran asked, her stylus poised over her smart phone, ready to type.

Joe's Prelude 01
Sept. 3, 2008

“Yeah, you’re kinda like a fish outta water here in the 60th.” The speaker was Sergeant Balanchuk of the New York Police Department.

“I dunno Sarge, I mean an Irish-Catholic guy that doesn’t speak Russian? I think I fit right in!” The other speaker was a brand spanking new graduate of the New York Police Academy, Officer Joseph Michael Reagan.

“Yeah right. They didn’t tell you in the academy to convert to Judaism and learn Ukrainian?”

“Missed the memo,” Officer Reagan took another bite of the ground meat and veggie filled pastry. The two officers were on a lunch break. “What’s this thing called again? It’s like a pirogi right?”

“Yeah more or less. It’s a Piroshki around ’ere.”

The 60th Precinct was generally known as Little Odessa, it was filled with immigrants from the nations that formed the old Soviet Union.

Nolan's Prelude 2
Takes Place Sept 20, 2008

Nolan sighed with disappointment as she approached the skate ramps at Paint Branch Park. There were eight guys skating and a few lounging, and it was much busier than normal. She spied Doran’s crayon red head off to the side, watching. She hopped off her board, kicked it up and caught it, then studied the guys on the half pipe with a wry twist to her lips. She acknowledged that there was not enough space to really cut loose. She walked towards Doran, who was leaning up against a tree.

On her way toward Doran, Nolan’s attention wandered to the couple trying to play Frisbee near the ramp. Nolan’s eyebrow arched as she realized with amusement that it was her roommate Ciaran and one of the science professors. The professor gently tossed the Frisbee at the slender brunette, who reached out to catch it as it floated toward her. The plastic disc slid past her and landed softly on the grass. As she turned to pick it up, Ciaran saw Nolan and tried to act nonchalant, picking up the Frisbee awkwardly. Nolan nodded, then continued toward Doran, who was watching the exchange with a grin.

Nolan's Prelude 1
Takes Place Sept 5-7, 2008

“You go home every weekend?” Her roommate’s voice was politely inquisitive.

Nolan looked up from her packing, glanced at the clean socks she had tossed on her bed, then back at her roommate. Her ice-blue eyes were expressionless as she stuffed the last bit of clothing into the dark blue backpack. Various patches glared brightly under the florescent light, the frayed Sex Pistols and The Clash patches declaring her musical tastes. Retro punk, right? She turned her head and her hair swung down like a silky electric-blue curtain to hide her face.

“Yeah, pretty much.”

Werewolf 20th Anniversary

Now that Werewolf: the Apocalypse, the 20th Anniversary edition, is a matter of reality (and the PDFs are in my grubby hands) this setting will be updated where necessary to run a W20 game.

Stay tuned.

For Auld Lang Syne
The whys and whatfors

“For Auld Lang Syne” basically means “for the sake of old times.” That pretty much summarizes why this Obsidian Portal site exists.

My wife and I met in college back in the mid 1990s during the heyday of Vampire the Masquerade and VLARP. Come to think of it, many of my good friends today I first met as their goofy ‘blood sucking alter egos.’ However, for me Vampire was just the delivery system that brought me to Werewolf the Apocalypse. Playing these silly games (LARP and tabletop) was a big part of being ‘young geeks in love.’ When I first met my future wife, she played Vampire. I set about to change that… and must admit was successful beyond my wildest expectations.

Significantly… she didn’t just borrow my books, she bought her own. That’s when I knew she was ‘The One.’

Many of our fondest gaming memories originate in the fictional old World of Darkness and involve the Garou that live, fight, and die within it. Though games and gaming groups come and go, Werewolf the Apocalypse will always be ‘Primus Inter Pares.’

Auld Lang Syne

The Union is Buried
New York Times Frontpage Test
New York, Monday, December 9, 1991
Vol. CXLI… No. 48,809
50 Cents

Frantic Moves Came to Light In Days Before Maxwell Died


At the time of his mysterious death on Nov. 5, Robert Maxwell almost certainly knew he was about to be caught.

He had drained hundreds of millions of dollars from his two flagship public companies and from employee pension funds in a frantic attempt to keep his heavily indebted publishing empire afloat.

The auditors of the Maxwell empire, Coopers & Lybrand Deloitte, were to conduct their next regular audit of the pension funds in a couple of months. And Coopers would have quickly discovered the transactions, said a person very familiar with the details of a special financial examination of the empire conducted for the banks after Mr. Maxwell’s death. He agreed to discuss the report only if his identity was not disclosed. ‘Basically Grabbing Cash’

The Coopers team also found evidence that some of the diverted money went to The Daily News in New York to cover its losses. That raises more doubts about the future of the newspaper, which Mr. Maxwell acquired in March.

The Union Is Buried: What’s Being Born?


Ever since the August coup d’etat, the Soviet Union has been dying a lingering death, its final agony stretched over months of crisis and negotiations while it was kept alive largely by the frantic faith of one man, Mikhail S. Gorbachev, the Soviet President.

Today, the union died — if future historians will accept a death warrant signed by the patient itself as proof, which is how the leaders of Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia intended their statement, signed in the Byelorussian border town of Brest, to be read.

The Brest statement does not reckon with Mr. Gorbachev; it simply ignores him, which only made his appearance tonight on Soviet television all the more poignant as he once again pleaded, cajoled and banged his fists, making the case that without a union the country will fall apart.

But for some time now, Mr. Gorbachev’s warnings have had a hollow ring, since for most people, the collapse he keeps warning about has already happened. This is a fact they can confirm with their daily lives, as they go to factories that have run out of materials, to office jobs where they have stopped getting salaries or to shops where there are no goods. A Fresh Start?



MOSCOW — President Mikhail S. Gorbachev today rejected the right of the leaders of Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia to dissolve the Soviet Union, adding to the uncertainty over the fate of the Soviet lands.

“The fate of our multinational country cannot be decided by the will of three republican leaders,” Mr. Gorbachev said in a statement read on the evening television news. “This question can only be resolved through constitutional means with the participation of all sovereign states and taking into account the will of their peoples.”


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