World of Darkness 1991

As we know, the World of Darkness mirrors our own except far more darkly. We lived through 1991, but not the 1991 that the World of Darkness knew. However, here are some highlights to help jog memories.

Purple text denotes something I created for the campaign, or modified from what actually happened in some way to make it more “World of Darkness.”

Media 1991

Billboard Hits

  • Bryan Adams “(Everything I do) I do it for you”
  • Michael Jackson “Black or White”
  • Paula Abdul “Rush rush”
  • C&C Music Factory “Gonna make you sweat”
  • EMF “Unbelievable”


  • Box Office Successess
    • Terminator 2: Judgement Day
    • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
    • City Slickers
    • Hook
    • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
  • Academy Award Nominees
    • Silence of the Lambs (Big Winner)
    • Beauty and the Beast
    • JFK
    • Fried Green Tomatoes
    • Bugsy


  • Michael Landon
  • Gene Roddenberry
  • Freddy Mercury
  • Tennessee Earnie Ford
  • Redd Foxx

Events 1991

  • January
    • Soviet Union invades Lithuania
    • Desert Storm (Gulf War 1) kicks off
  • February
    • “Dr. Death” Jack Kevorkian is in the news
    • The Provisional IRA launches bomb and mortar campaign in London (Mortars fall on 10 Downing Street). Fianna internal troubles between The Brotherhood of Herne and the Eire Fundamentalists threaten to fracture the Tribe.
  • March
    • Video of the Rodney King beating in LA is captured
    • Fighting breaks out in South Africa
    • Endron International is acquitted in Federal Court of all wrongdoing for the Endron Valencia tanker oil spill in Alaska (ruled an unfortunate accident). Cleanup efforts are left to volunteers (and basically stop).
    • Germany formally regains full independence from the USA, England, USSR, and France
    • Several states vote to break away from the USSR
  • April
    • Over a hundred cyclones, hurricanes, and storm break out all over the world. 1.38 million die all told. 70+ are in the American Midwest alone (170 die). A camp of “extremist” Wendigo (even for them) are strongly suspected to be involved with the US tornados.
  • June
    • The Spacelab is launched on the shuttle Columbia
    • More troubles in South Africa related to Apartheid
    • Boris Yeltzen becomes president of the Federal state of Russia
    • Several states vote themselves out of the Warsaw Pact
  • July
    • Total Solar Eclipse that goes from Hawaii across Mexico (and Mexico City)
    • Warsaw Pact officially dissolves
    • Jeffery Dahmer arrested
  • August
    • The Collapse of the Soviet Union begins
    • The Super Tellus game console is released bundled with Chronic the Warthog.
    • Word spreads of a great “wall” going up in the Umbra around Russia. No spirits can get in or out. Packs that try to enter report of strange goings on that prevent them from succesfully doing so (either in the physical world or spiritual). Nothing is heard from the Garou in Russia.
  • September
    • Various nations including the United States begin recognizing the fragments of the former USSR as independent nations
    • Copies of the Dead Sea Scrolls are made available to the public for the first time
  • October
    • Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton announces he will seek the Presidental nomiation of the DNC
    • The UN passes a resolution to “force” Iraq to accept UN inspectors
    • Clarence Thomas appointed to the Supreme Court
    • Unexplained mass shootings all over the country and overseas as well. Hundreds die.
    • “The Perfect Storm” strikes the New England area. 120 killed. Wendigo are again suspected.
    • Minnesota is hit by a blizzard during Halloween. 220 killed. Wendigo are again suspected.
    • Firestorm in Oakland Hills kills 250. The Children of Gaia are the primary tribe to help control the blaze and repair the Umbral damage caused. Rumors indicate that Black Spiral Dancers played a major part in the disaster.
  • November
    • The last of the international fire fighter teams in Kuwait abandon the country, declaring the wells “uncontrollable” and leaving the region to “burn itself out.”
  • December
    • The Soviet Union is officially dissolved the day after Christmas

World of Darkness 1991

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