Character Creation

After doing a pretty complete review of Rage Warriors of the Apocalypse and several “Rage Across…” sourcebooks, I’ve chosen a chargen scheme that will replicate “very powerful” characters of R2 as befitting the PCs of the story. Amusingly, you’ll still be slightly less powerful than 1 or 2 “official” Rank 2 Garou I’ve seen in print.

Without a doubt, the careers of your characters will be watched by the Garou Nation with great interest. Your characters are functionally Rank 3, simply waiting another big event/deed or two to be recognized.

Step 1: Rank 1

  • Use the published character creation rules to create your Rank 1 version (complete with freebie spending, etc.).
  • Don’t create a “Hard Line” anti-human (for example Red Talon), white supremacist (for example Get of Fenris), or anti-White (for example Wendigo) as those tribes/concepts are major antagonists in the setting. The tribes are fine so long as the character is of a moderate or cooperative stance.
  • In addition to all the normal Backgrounds present in the Werewolf Revised book, characters can take dots of Influence as per Mage.

Step 2: Rank 2 “Template”

  • Attributes: Add 3 dots in any configuration you wish. None at five.
  • Abilities: Add 1 to both Rituals and Primal-Urge then add 8 more dots in any configuration you wish. None at five.
  • Gifts: Add one Rank 1 Gift and two Rank 2 Gifts of your choice from within your Tribe/Breed/Auspice lists.
  • Backgrounds: Add 3 points of Totem (Pack)
  • Ten-Dot Pools: Add 1 to Gnosis and 3 to Willpower.
  • Rites: Add 3 Rites of your choice of level 1 or trade one or more level 1 Rite(s) for two personal Rites.
  • Renown:
    • Permanent: Give yourself either 1 dot less than what is required for Rank 3 or the minimum for Rank 2 (whichever is higher).
    • After all permanent dots are filled in, scatter 10 temporary points amongst the 3 Renown categories in any configuration you wish.
  • Talen: Give yourself a single Talen of any Gnosis rating from Core Book, Player’s Handbook, or your Tribebook.

Step 3: “Freeform Customization”

  • Spend 40 freebie points using the costs listed for basic character creation.
    • Gifts cost the same in Freebies regardless of Rank of Gift.
    • Rites are 1/2 point per Rite regardless of level (note you won’t know a Rite of higher level than your dots in Rituals).
    • You cannot have more than one Attribute or two Abilities at 5.
      • You may have up to three Attributes and up to three Abilities at 4.
      • No limit to the Abilities and Attributes you may have at 3.
    • There is no cap to the number of dots you may have in Pack Totem.
    • Remember when buying Rage that 4 successess Frenzy, 6 is Thrall of the Wyrm
    • You may have a maximum of up to 3 Fetishes, each must be bought with a separate Fetish background pool.
      • You may purchase Talens at 10 Gnosis per point of Fetish background (i.e. 1 point of Fetish background can get two Gnosis 5 Talens, or a Gnosis 6 and a Gnosis 4, or five at Gnosis 2, etc.). There’s no limit to the number of Talens you may have; however, no custom talens (printed ones only as per Talen book list detailed in Step 2 above).

Character Creation

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