The Sept of the White Water (Weak, L1)

Dedicated to Uktena, located on Goat Island at Niagara falls, a Caern of Gnosis. Open to all tribes, ruled by a cooperation between the Uktena and the Fianna.

House Wyrmfoe (Average, L2)

Dedicated to Great Oak, located on vast estates and mansion in western Vermont, a Caern of Kingship. Closed to all tribes except the Silver Fangs and by invitation only. This is the throne of one of the two Western Hemisphere Silver Fang Great Houses. It is from here King Jacob Morningkill rules his tribe.

The Sept of the Sentinel (Moderate, L3)

Dedicated to Tijus-Keha (a Mountain spirit), located on Gray Peak in the Adirondack mountains, a Caern of Strength. Effectively closed to all except the Get of Fenris who rule it. Chiminage payment required. Hostile to the Shadow Lords.

The Sept of the Green (Moderate, L3)

Dedicated to two spirits; Mera (a Water Spirit) and the Great White Mouse (aspect of Rat), a Caern of Fellowship. Located in Central Park in Manhattan, open to all tribes, ruled by the Bone Gnawers.

The Sept of the Hand of Gaia (Very Powerful, L5)

Dedicated to “Life of the Nation” (aspect of The American Dream), located near Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes Region, a Caern of Enigmas & Healing. Once fully open to all tribes, now very difficult for Get of Fenris, Glasswalkers, and many Wendigo to be granted access. Ruled by the Black Furies.

The Sept of the Dank Well (Moderate, L3)

Dedicated to Whippoorwill, a Caern of Cunning. Hidden in the tunnels and caverns beneath the Adirondack Mountains, closed to all who are not of the Wyrm. Ruled by the Black Spiral Dancers.

Tara-Nar (Powerful, L4)

Technically not a Caern, nor a Sept. This is a domain of powerful Fae and their home in the Catskill mountains and Cherry Ridge Wild Forest. Functionally a Caern of Engimas. Several tribes/packs/garou have tried to claim this place for Gaia through the centuries… to no success. Effectively closed to all except a handful of Fianna and the occasional Child of Gaia due to bizarre chiminage/entrance requirements not well understood. It is completely ruled by very powerful Fae.


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