Turtle Necklace of Riddle Song

Level 4, Gnosis 6


The bearer of this fetish is always considered to have performed the Prayer for the Prey Minor Rite and thus gains the benefit (-1 difficulty when dealing with Nature spirits) without having to actually perform the Rite daily; however, the affected spirits must be non-hostile and traditionally be allies of Turtle’s Brood (North American Naturae: coyote, timber wolves, eagles, American elms, etc.). Actually performing Prayer for the Prey grants no further benefit against non-hostile North American Naturae but will grants its bonus against other spirits as normal.

Additionally, similar to a Gnosis Bag fetish, the necklace can store up to 2 points of the attuned Garou’s Willpower that may be drawn forth later when needed. Once used, the Willpower must be refilled from the user’s own pool.

Finally, the attuned Garou may directly invoke the protective nature of Turtle and gain 3 bonus soak dice with a successful activation roll.


When the Uktena came to Roanoke Island after the battle where the Croatan sacrificed themselves to defeat the Eater of Souls they found that the Turtle spirits were in agony at the loss of their tribe. The Shamans asked what they could do to ease their suffering and the Turtle spirits showed them a massive dead Turtle on the shoreline and asked to be bound in its shell. The Uktena asked if they could break the shell into smaller pieces so they could each carry a Turtle spirit with them to give the Turtles a better chance to survive. The Turtle spirits agreed and so the Shamans made a Turtle Necklace for those who had journeyed to say good bye to Middle Brother. One of these Uktena was Ayita Riddle Song, Haunted Fury’s Ancestral Ally and it is her necklace that he wears. This small piece of dark green turtle shell is adorned with green beads with black leather strap & fringe.

Turtle Necklace of Riddle Song

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